Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 5: Blue nails

 On to Day 5 of Chalkboard Nails Challenge. Today I wanted to try out these awesome cloud nails inspired by nailsbymh on Tumblr. When I first saw these I was in awe. They just looked so cool compared to all the cartoon clouds out there.

Since she didn't have a how to on this design I took on the task of creating a step by step on how I was able to achieve this affect...

Step 1
I used a medium blue in the top of my nail down to about 1/2 of my nail.
Step 2
With a lighter blue I painted the other 1/2 of my nail

Sep 3
With the darker color I sponged a cross the middle of the 2 colors to blend.

Step 4
Then I did the same with the lighter color to achieve a better blend

Step 5
Again with a piece of sponge I added white patches to create the clouds.

Step 6
With a dotting tool I used black & gray polish and semi blended it together to create the shadows in the clouds. I left a little of the polish darker to go under the gray.
And there you have It!

Colors I used:
Pure Ice "French Kiss"
OPI "No room for the Blues"
Sally Hansen "Wet Cement" & "Black Out"
Sinful Colors "Snow me White"


  1. I totally thought these were nail wraps - these are beautiful!! Amazing what a little nail polish and sponge will do!!

  2. Those are the best cloud nails I've ever seen.

  3. Wowwww!!!!! These are insane!!!!! So so so good!!