Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

Hi. I did these nails using the sponge technique where you ad the polish to the sponge in layers and then sponge it on top of a white base. That was the biggest pain in the ass and I will never do it that way again. I will do it my usual way of sponging each color on at a time and blending them together. Way less mess.

Then I added green dots in a pyramid style to create the tree and a brown square for a stump.

Lastly, I used glitter placement to add garland and a star.

I loved how these came out. They took quite a bit of time to do because of the glitter but, it was well worth it to have all that sparkle.

Colors I used:
Sinful Colors "Innocent" & "Amethyst"
Finger Paints ""It Baroque"
Essie "Play Date"
Wet n Wild Fergie "Hollywood Walk of Fame"
Icing "Love it"

Monday, December 17, 2012

Snow Flakes

Well, I liked the snowflakes that I did on my daughter so much that I decided to use the stamp on myself. I had seen Pimp my Nails use the blue magnetic polish as a background on a recent post and I just had to try it out.

I love how these came out and I loved it even more because it was soooo simple. I added a little glitter accent in the middle of each visible flake. I used the same stamp in my last post BM 323. This has definately been my goto stamp for Christmas this year.
 Colors I used
Layla Magneffect "04 Turquoise Wave"
Sinful Colors "Snow me White"
Claire's "Disco"

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Reindeer & Snow Flakes

I Know! I have been slacking. I had done some other Christmas nails this month but no posting. What a bad bad blogger. They were nothing special though just some copy cat stuff.

I did these on my daughter last week. She has been wanting me to add bling to her nails. She has had this design for a week now and it still looks great. And YES she still has the gem on it. I am so proud of her. She doesn't bite her nails and I always have to file them down because she's not aloud to have long nails in gymnastics.

I used Bundle Monster Plate 323 and some holo glitter placement for the snowflakes.
Colors I used:
Orly "Blue Collar"
Finger Paints "It Baroque"
Sinful Colors "Snow me White"
Sinful Colors "Black on Black" China Glaze "Sunset Sail"
Claire's "Disco"