Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Flowers

Good Morning. Today I have a very springy many. This took a little time but, it was well worth it. I feel so in season with these pretty little Flowers and best of all I am using this peachy coral pastel color which I am in LOVE with.

 I got this color at Charming Charlie it's called "Such a Peach". I first saw it when I took my daughter to get her hair cut and the stylist was wearing it on  her toes. I had to ask her where she got it and she said she got it at Charming Charlie in the mall. It was my destiny to find this polish.

A few days later I went to get it and I couldn't find it anywhere. They had their polishes all scattered in a cubby and I couldn't find it. I asked the cashier if she had any coral polishes in the back and she said "YES". I was so excited. But, then she came out with a orange polish which was no where near this yummy pastel peach. Finally I saw a vase filled with polishes and of course I spotted It at the bottom of the vase. It was the ONLY ONE in there. She grabbed the vase for me and poured them all out and I finally had my polish. I was soooo happy. I also grabbed a pretty pastel lilac color too.

Since I couldn't dare leave a nail with just plain polish on it I added some silver studs in a frame on my accent nail.

This is the color that I will probably have on my toes all summer.

Colors I used:

Charming Charlie "Such a Peach"
Julie G "Bikini"
Sinful Colors "Savage"
Orly "Frolic"
Essie "First Timer"
Nina "French White"
So Easy Stripe Rite "Green"

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Coral & Gold


Today's post is using my favorite color this spring. I am so into coral colors teal and gold. I absolutely love the combo of all three or even each by itself. Today I went with a coral cream color and a glitter fade on top. The glitter I used is from Floss Gloss this is my go to for gold glitter. It has a holo hue and the glitter goes on perfectly with just 2 coats. It's $8.00 for .18 fl oz. which seems a lot for the quantity but, it's the quality that counts.

I absolutely loved this look. I wish I would have taken a better picture that captured the holo in the glitter. My pictures didn't do this polish justice.

Colors I used

Julie G "Bikini"
Floss Gloss "Stun"

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Swirls

Hi there,

It's been almost a month since my last post. My computer has been temperamental. Anyways, I did this swirly design using some pastel colors for that fun spring look. because of how much I loved my Easter nails I wanted to go with a matte look again. I'm glad I did because these looked awesome!

I used a dotting tool to get this look. You could also use a tooth pick or thin brush. I used just polish on this design. I try not to use acrylic paint because I feel like it's cheating for some reason. I know I'm weird.

Well I hope you like.

Colors I used

Sinful Colors "Savage", "Unicorn", "Beautiful Girl"
Sally Hansen "Green with Envy"
Essie "Play Date"
China Glaze "Matte Magic"