Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 19: Galaxies

This is a late Post. Yesterday was galaxies. Although I did do these in the morning, I didn't have a chance to post these. So, I went with purple and rainbowish galaxies today. The half moons had galaxies in them so I thought that I would change the color from them instead of the traditional black/blue background.
Instead of adding white dots for the stars I went with patches of chunky glitter that had small and big pieces to give it that cluster effect. It was way easier than dotting on stars and I love the way that they turned out.

Colors I used:
China Glaze "VIII"
OPI "Fly"
Sinful Colors "Innocent"
Essie "Mod Square"
Sally Hansen "Mellow Yellow"
Icing "Frost Yourself"

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