Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 13: Animal Print

Another Late Post. I could not decide. This was definitely a challenge. I just went with a simple leopard print.

With this post I decided to cut out the confusion of the difference between "Cheetah: and "Leopard" prints. In these picture you can plainly see the difference.

As you can see Cheetah print is a lot more of black spots with a hint of brown in between random spots.

As for the Leopard the spot are connected int more circular and C shapes with hints of orange. The majority of nail artists out there are using Leopard print in their art. I use Leopard print in my art and I have mistakenly called it cheetah print at some times. Well, Now we know.

Colors I used:

China Glaze "Desert Sun"
Nail Art by Diamond Cosmetics "Cocoa"
So Easy "Black"

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