Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 29: Inspired by the Supernatural

So, Today I decided to go with the holier side of the supernatural because in a couple of days I will be starting to do Halloween nail art for the month of October. I went with the logo NOTW also known as "Not of this world" because it's Christian and who else is more supernatural that Jesus.

NOTW is displayed in many art formats but, I decided to go with the traditional format and ad it on the top of 2 of my favorite colors, Magenta and Teal. I did the teal first then sponged the magenta on top. the teal took a little of the magenta color away and turned it into a more purple color. I still Love it though. Because the colors were kinda dark I did a white shadow on the black lettering to make it stand out more.

Colors I used:

Santee "Beach Blue"
Nina "Violet it Ride"


  1. Great mani, perfect shadows on the lettering.
    And thanks for the link to NOTW. I haven't seen this before, I want to buy a t-shirt now.