Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 25: Double Studs

Finally it's over. This was a long 25 days.

I usually paint my nails about 2x a week so this was a real challenge for me.

There were a few days where I wasn't able to post my design for the day and ended up posting more than once in one day but, I did end up doing all 25 designs in 25 days.

Yay for me!

This last post I was hesitating on doing because I wasn't able to get a hold of "studs" that looked like the one's in the Wah book. I had ordered these from Fabulous Street. These are called half metal balls and are way smaller than what the Wah Girls use or anything else I've seen online. they were time consuming to put on , that's why I ended up only doing it on my ring finger.

It ended up looking way cool and I am totally happy with the result. I am looking forward to using these in the future.

Color I used:

Santee "Beach Blue"

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