Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 18: Eyeball

I was so in love with my nails yesterday that I couldn't bare to take them off. I waited till the last minute to paint these Eyeballs on my nails last night. That's why I am posting it today. I wanted to keep my Day 17 Drippy nails on until they chipped and of course they stayed beautiful all day. I was so sad when the acetone hit my finger nails and my hard work was wiped away.

These are cool... if it's Halloween. I couldn't walk with these around yesterday. I did them late at night and then took them off after I took pictures of them. I would definitely use these in October though. They do look pretty cool.

Colors I used:

Sinful Colors "Snow me White"

Sally Hansen's "Pacific Blue"

Stripe rite "Red"

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