Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to do "Girly Mummies"

Here is a tutorial on how to do these so cute "Girly Mummies" I love these little gals. They are a way cute twist to the traditional Halloween Mummy Nail art.

Last year I did hot pink as a background to the mummies that everyone and their mom was doing.
These were simple to do beside the bow. That was probably the most technical part. If you have fimo bows this would be a cool way to use them. I wanted to give the mummies a vintage look by creating a marble look using the Saran wrap technique. Get Nailed shows you how to do that here.

Well here's how to do them:

Step 1:
Paint your nails a bright pink color
Step 2:
Using a saran wrap technique add a lavender color on top of your pink
Step 3:
With a black striper add lines to created a weave-like pattern
Step 4:
With a black polish use the polish brush to draw a thick line across the lower part of your nail.
Then with a large dotting tool add large white dots close to each other in the center of the black bands.
Step 5:
With a white striper add a small bow at the corner above each band. Add a white dot in the center of each bow.
Step 6:
With black polish and a dotting tool add small black dots inside of each white dot to create eyes

Step 7:
With a stirper add an outline to define the bows.
Step 8:
Finally, clean up around the cuticles and add a top coat...and then you're done!

Colors I used:
China Glaze "Beauty Within", "Liquid Leather" & "White on White"
Sally Hansen "Lacy Lilac"
So easy Strip Rite "White", "Black"


  1. Thanks for the tutorial! I'm so going to do these for tomorrow night! I'm going to see a band called "Here Come The Mummies!"

  2. These are SO CUTE. I love the "usual" mummy design but I love these even more! Haha their eyes and bows, I can't. So adorable.

  3. they're so cute!
    I might try them this week :D