Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Nail s Inspired by "I have a Cupcake" on You Tube

Hello Hello. After looking at other Halloween Nail Art online I came across these way too cute "monsters" done by, "ihaveacupcake". She is on You Tube with a tutorial on how to do these little guys. I absolutely love them and I probably will do them on everyone I know this Halloween.

My mom came over today and I did the full set on her except I substituted the Black Kitty for a Black Widow. I was a little disappointed by how the skeleton came out. the eyes look more like alien eyes. Oh well. I'll get it better next time. I also went with a Pink One Eyed Monster instead of a green one .

I decided to venture out a little more. I only did one monster on my ring nail. The other nails are simple polka dots and stripes with a bow. I love how these came out. They are so darn cute!.

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