Monday, July 15, 2013

My SH Bio

Good morning. I don't have any nail art for this post. I just wanted t o share my bio from the Sally Hansen Contest website. It's exciting to be able to see my name on a huge companies website.

Here is the link.

There are 3 other finalists on there to that I will be competing against next month in NY for the "Grand Prize". There should be one other finalist put up on the website soon from the July contest. I am super excited!

I Just got my itinerary last week. I will be flying with my friend Jen from San Diego, CA to NY, NY without any stops and then we get to stay in the Carlton Hotel.

The competition will take place the next day in rounds of nail art. I don't have any details on that yet other than we will be competing against each other by doing nail art based on a theme. Also, we will be able to use our own tools but, not our nail polish. I am assuming that we will be using only SH nail products for that. I am kinda nervous about that part because I really want to win.

That evening there will be an "Grand Prize award ceremony" at the Gansevoort Hotel . There will be press around for the competition which is also exciting. We will be there for three days. The second day seems to be the day where everything takes place. I was told that there also might be a breakfast and a few other things that I might have to attend while I'm there. I think that if I am the winner.

It all sounds like a jam packed 3 days of nail art fun! I am hoping that I will be able to do some sight seeing while I'm there.

Anyways wish me luck!

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